Station 8: Companions everywhere!

The Lord God says:

“It is not good for the man to be alone“

(Genesis 2,18).

Ansgar has very different companions at his side: the monastic communities in Corbie and Corvey help him as an orphan to find his place in life; men like Autbert and Witmar accompany him on his journeys, and colleagues like Ebo, Gauzbert and his successor Rimbert help him to build the Church in the north...

“You'll never walk alone” – Who walks with you?

A Hall of Fame honours personalities who have achieved something special.

Who belongs in your personal Hall of Fame?

An alley of trees opens up before you. The trees stand there like companions on the roadside. Along the way, look to the left and to the right, even backwards. – Who has accompanied you on your life's journey so far? Who is close to you now, who supports, advises, teaches or cares for you? Who do you wish at your side for the next stage of your journey?